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Healthy Morning Routine for Glowing Skin

Time can be scarce in the morning, and while it may be tempting to hit the snooze button a few times, dab on some moisturiser and dash out the door, small changes to your morning routine can have huge impacts on your skin, as well as a host of other health benefits. Try these simple tips and you’ll be on the road to a glowing complexion in no time.

1. Rehydrate with water

Push your morning coffee out, and instead enjoy a glass of water when you first wake up. After a night’s rest our body will naturally be a little dehydrated, which may show up in our skin. This lack of water will present itself in skin that look or feels a little dull and tight, and can often make wrinkles look more pronounced. It’s important to keep in mind that our skin is an organ (our largest in fact), and its cells require water to function correctly. Rehydrating with a glass or two of water in the morning will help remove toxins and waste products from the body, aid in proper elimination and the reduction of constipation, and rehydrate us from the inside out, among many other benefits - all of which contribute to healthy skin! Enjoy a glass of water either at room temperature or warm, and if you still find yourself a little thirsty, have another.

2. Exercise to boost the skin

Exercise does wonders for our skin. It gets our heart rate up, which increases circulation and pumps nutrient-rich blood faster around the body and to the skin. This helps to boost and nourish it and give our skin a vibrant glow. If we’re working out in the morning outdoors, it’s also a great way to rest the body clock and get a quick dose of vitamin D from the morning sun, which will help us sleep more deeply at night. Make sure to incorporate exercise into your morning routine that you will actually enjoy, whether this be a good yoga stretch, a walk with the dog, an AM boxing class, or a swim at the local beach or pool - this way it will be more sustainable and you’ll be more likely to keep it up!

3. Establish a morning skincare routine

An appropriate morning skincare routine will refresh our skin for the day ahead, and help prepare and protect it against the elements, whether that be pollution, UV damage, sweating, makeup or weather extremes. A great skincare routine is one that uses skin-specific products, especially when rebalancing dry or oily skin is needed - using the wrong formulas may do more harm than good. If you’ve got drier skin you may benefit from more moisturising and creamy formulas, whereas for oily skin, lighter, gel-based purifying products may be more suitable. Start with cleansing to help rid the skin of any night-time bacterial or dirt build up, and remove any makeup residue from the day before, and then hydrate and nourish the skin with a skin-appropriate moisturiser.

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