With ayurvedic approach to chronic and debilitating skin and hair problems along with supportive skintox therapy, Persian lily works in a scientific way to treat your skin and body to help you heal at the deepest cellular levels.

Along with all the advanced cosmetology procedures coupled with oral and topical medications, Persian lily include guidelines about diet, lifestyle changes which helps to detox, refresh and repair your skin.




Dr. Swati is a Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Ashtang Ayurvedic Govt College. After completing her bachelors, Swati did her Post Graduation Diploma in Emergency Medicine Services.


By passion, Dr. Swati has achieved the following qualifications to advance her career in cosmetology:

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DIHM Diploma in Health Management from Ruby Hall Clinic

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Post-Graduation Diploma in Panchakarma Therapy  

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DDM Diploma in Disaster Management from Ruby Hall 

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Advanced cardiac Life Care Support 

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Certificate Course in Skin and venereal diseases from Bombay Institute of Medical Technology

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PGDCC Post-Graduation Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology from Indian Institute of Aesthetics



To provide patients an authenticated cosmetology treatment along natural skin care with minimal side effects and drug reactions
To promote holistic health care for skin hair, mind and body.


To treat chronic skin problems with ayurvedic approach 

  To restore confidence in youth regarding their skin problems by drawing out the toxins, lowering the stress related hormones desired for a beautiful skin.



Patient care and satisfaction 
Providing good services at affordable prices
Individual counselling and sessions