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Season Change: Preparing your Skin for Spring

Summer is fast approaching, which means one thing: it’s time to reveal some skin and ditch your faithful Winter sweater. It’s likely your wardrobe has already had an overhaul in preparation for the new season, but it’s not just your sartorial choices that should be at the forefront of your agenda – it’s time to address your skin.


When the warmer months set in, it’s vital to switch up your skincare routine to suit and make the effort to cleanse both morning and night. One of my favourites for a light but effective Summer cleanse is bliss’ fabulous makeup melt gel-to-oil cleanser, which has been formulated with spa essential oils for a clean yet balanced complexion. It’s also worth considering making a few other swaps among your staples, especially your moisturiser. Your main priority here is to up your hydration levels, as come Summer, it’s likely you’ll find your skin leans more towards the drier side. The Simple Skincare Hydrating Booster is my go-to for this as it’s made with skin-loving ingredients and no harsh chemicals that can upset the skin. I like to use this as a hydrating primer or mixed with my daily moisturiser for an extra moisture shot. If your skin is on the oiler side, a lighter moisturiser is ideal to help avoid clogged pores while ensuring skin remains hydrated.


Once the cold stint is over, it’s likely you’ll be left with skin that isn’t in the best condition, therefore the first thing you’re going to want to tick off your body prep list is exfoliation. This is the best way to tackle dry skin patches and eradicating dead skin cells to reveal fresher skin that radiates a gorgeous Summer glow. One of my favourite products for a good exfoliating session is the Super Beauty Raspberry & Cranberry Body Scrub, the perfect formula for injecting a dose of skin-loving antioxidants into your skin while enchanting your senses with a tantalising berry concoction. Why not try it in your next box?


I for one, am often guilty of neglecting my feet, but come Summer, they’re very much high up on my ‘to pamper’ list. Cracked, dry heels are often unsightly, but more importantly, they can cause pain when wearing certain shoes or during day-to-day exertion. Soap & Glory’s footcare range is as good as, if not better than an in-salon pedicure. I always go in first with The HEEL DEAL Foot File as it gives me a five-star pedicure-like treatment from the comfort of my own home. With three different filing heads, plus a bonus file for between the toes (warning: ticklish) it removes the bulk of rough skin and leaves feet feeling smooth and ready for the deeply conditioning HEEL GENIUS Foot Cream (best applied first then covered with socks for an intense treatment). All you need now is a chic lick of nail paint (like OPI’s A Definite Moust-Have) and some sandals – totally pedi-cured and beach ready.


If you don’t spend the duration of Winter hiding your fuzz, are you even human? Getting out your legs, or going sleeveless means the time has come for the big Summer shave. Luckily, LiB has got you covered with the Summertime Essentials Box, which includes not one, but four easy-grip Bic Soleil razors. The high-quality blades provide a comfortable, close shave without irritation (no rashes or red bumps here, ladies). Go on, say hello to silky Summer legs!


It’s easy to get carried away with one too many cocktails during the Summer, but there’s one thing that should never be forgotten and that’s SPF. Protecting your skin from harmful rays should be of the utmost importance when out in the sunshine, and if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s important to reapply every few hours. With the beauty industry wising up to the problem of thick creams, you can now get many different sunscreens that have been specially formulated for your face.

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