10 Superfoods for Flawless Skin

In our world today, looking good is a very important need for everyone. Girls most especially make it a point to not come out of the house unless they are satisfied that they look “socially acceptable.” A few resort to coating their faces with makeup and other products. But most know that the secret to looking good on the outside is making sure you feel great in the inside first. And what better way than to bank on superfoods for skin?

What Are Superfoods?

We all know what superfoods are. These are certain food that contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, compounds, antioxidants, and other nutrients. All these work together to make sure our bodies stay in tip-top shape.

Plenty of these superfoods can be grouped according to many things. Some are grouped based on what they can treat or prevent. Other superfoods can do wonders on hair or the eyes. There are certain superfoods for skin as well.

Superfoods for Skin

In order to naturally get that glowing and super beautiful skin you’ve always wanted, here’s a list of superfoods for skin that can help.


This is probably one of the most popular superfoods for skin. Blueberries are known to be loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants help protect the skin from premature aging.

One particular antioxidant by the name of anthocyanins is particularly effective in shielding the skin from damaging free radicals that compromise the skin’s collagen. This is the protein that keeps the skin firm and supple.

Blueberries also contain a high vitamin C content. This vitamin is important in collagen production. In addition, the vitamins found in blueberries normalize oil levels of the skin. This leads to less accumulation of sebum.


These bright red root vegetables can do plenty for your skin. For one, its folate content prevents wrinkles, freckles, age spots, fine lines, and other skin blemishes. Carotenoids and vitamin A also prevent age-related macular degeneration.