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Why are Facials a Must for the Modern Woman

While in our 20s, we tend to think we’re invincible and that aging is a concern for, well, old people. Ironically, this is the age that has the most bearing on a woman’s complexion as she goes through life.

This is precisely why women in their 20s must develop a good skincare routine, which includes regular facials, in order to keep their skin looking young and glowing.

1  Get Ahead of the Curve I always equate skin care to body fitness, which is why my signature facial is called The Fitness Facial and my skincare philosophy is trademarked as Beauty Boot Camp®. It’s easier to maintain a fit body than trying to reverse years of neglect. Same with skin, it’s easier to maintain the beautiful complexion you have in your 20s than reversing the clock in your 40s.

2  Active Oil Glands Women in their 20s have oil glands that are active, and in turn, more prone to clogging and breakouts. Regular facials will help balance the skin’s oil production, minimizing acne breakouts and potential acne scarring.

3  Birth Control Many of my clients in their 20s are taking birth control for a variety of reasons. One of the concerns I address with them is avoiding melasma and sun damage resulting from photo-sensitivity caused by oral contraceptives. We work on brightening and evening skin tone as well as proper sun care education. This early prevention effort makes a difference in minimizing dark spots on the upper lips, cheek bones and forehead.

4  NO Large Pores When skin is constantly congested and not “unclogged” with proper extraction, pores are filled with impurities, oil and dirt, causing them to stretch over time. The longer they remain in this state, the harder it is to minimize their size. Women who get regular facials in their 20s are able to better control and minimize their pore size than those who neglected their skin. Bottom line: every woman needs professional extractions.

5  Don’t Try This at Home Removing blackheads and unclogging pores is really difficult and potentially dangerous. Most people cause a lot of permanent damage to their skin by attempting to do it themselves. Professional facials use special techniques and instruments that minimize potential skin damage and redness and reduce downtime.

Bottom line, facials should not be considered a luxury, but rather a crucial component of your long term skincare health. A relative small investment now will reap major benefits as you get older.

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